HENm series

The HENm systems automatically provide medical technicians with essential items required for a phlebotomy (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels and patient identification labels) based on the phlebotomy information recorded in the Laboratory Information System (LIS).
HENm is available in a benchtop and mobile version.


Main advantages

  1. Total automation of the labelling process in a single tool
  2. All commercially available tube types can be used (including Sarstedt tubes and Copan tubes for microbiology) - 14 different types can be loaded on board simultaneously
  3. Possibility to load up to 140 tubes on board for high autonomy
  4. Fast system (2.5sec/tube)
  5. Auxiliary label printer integrated in the system
  6. Possibility to reach the ward, sampling at the patient's bedside (HENm mobile)
  7. Possibility of mixing the tubes without the need for additional mixers (HENm mobile)
  8. Pick-up function, allowing sequential production of one tube at a time following CLSI rules
  9. Possibility to activate an alarm for the operator when taking a specific sample
  10. Patient and material tracking managed directly by the system


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