The GNT9 Series is a blood collection traceability automation solution that provides necessary tubes and labels for accurate specimen collection and management of patient and specimen data.

The GNT9 is made of two main components:

- KBU (Kit Boxing Unit), which provides tubes packed with specimen labels in a kit. The patient can receive the kit by scanning the patient ID card on the KIOSK or by entering patient number

- BA (Barcode Applicator), modular – from two to four set of drawers – to allocate tubes. Maximum 100 tubes can be loaded in each drawer.

Expandable module: BA modules can be expanded to suit the environment of the blood collection room up to 16 different drawers for 16 different types of tubes

gnt can be installed both in the patient check-in area in the hospital and in an intermediate area (between the check-in area and the blood collection room)

the kiosk provides a step-by-step procedure to allow the patient receiving a kit. the reception can be made with patient id card/order form.

the kbu provides collection kit containing labelled tubes, extra labels, and patient confirmation label.

at the same time the patient is accepted through the kiosk and self-checks in to get his own blood collection materials, the phlebotomist – on the other side of the gnt9 - can operate with another patient and get another kit from the conveyor via a separate software program. patients can utilize gnt9 to get required tubes and extra labels in a kit (sealed or non-sealed)

the phlebotomist can use the software program of the built-in pc to perform blood sampling, patient management, and statistical management.
the lcd screen allows the user to check the status of the product. (operating status, alarms, errors, and troubleshooting)

Model Name

GNT9 –KBU ( Kit Boxing Unit)
Tube Loading Capacity Per inlet (13x75): 180 tubes, 13x100: 150 tubes, 16x100: 120 tubes *Recommended quantity is 100 tubes per inlet
Tube Inlet *                                                    8ea ( BA 2 columns) * Up to 16 inlet
Tube Discharge Speed* 1.9sec
Kit Discharge Speed* When not using kit packaging | 7sec ( based on 4 tubes)
                                 When using kit packaging | 11sec(based on 4 tubes)
Tube Loading Quantity per kit 10ea
Empty kit Loading Quantity 100ea (Maximum)
Tube Supply Method   Direct Tube supply
Compatible Tube Types

Diameter 12 -16mm / Lenght: 75 – 110mm Manufacturer: 8D, GREINER, IMPROVE, TERUMO, VACUTEST KIMA, AMPULAB, INSEPACK, etc...

Please consult with ENERGIUM regarding tube compatibility prior to use.(Cannot use rubber cap Tube, only available for verified and tested glass Tube)

Printing Resolution

Sticking Label Printer | 203dpi

Extra Label Printer | 203dpi

Tray Sealing Label Printer | 203dpi

Label Printing Method Thermal Printing
Compatible Label Size Width: 50mm, Lenght: 28 -35mm, Label Quantity: 2,000 label ( per label roll)
Product Dimension

BA ( Barcode Applicator) * | 741(W) x 1,210(H) x 380(D) mm

KBU( Kit Boxing Unit) * | 450(W) x1,740(H) x 754(D)mm

Product Weight

BA ( Barcode Applicator) * | 140kgf

KBU( Kit Boxing Unit) * | 100kgf

LCD 7Inches Touch LCD
Connectivity LIS: RS-232, RJ45 Ethernet, bidirectional protocol


*BA 2columns

The kit boxing unit consists of one packaging unit and two BA units

  • Above specifications are subject to change without notice.

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