Premier Hb9210 Resolution

The information to be found in this section is intended for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals.

Premier Hb9210 Resolution is the ion-exchange HPLC analyzer by A.Menarini Diagnostics offering a fully automated and flexible approach for a reliable and precise quantitation of hemoglobin A2, F and for the detection of common and rare Hb variants.

Thanks to the combination of flexibility, usability and technological innovation, Premier Hb9210 Resolution will provide greater accuracy and reliability to meet diverse testing needs and advance the clinical efficiency of your laboratory.

Key features

  • Flexible: three run modes available
  • Automated - Walk-away operation
  • User friendly
  • Large high resolution color touch screen
  • Extensive variant library
  • 20 peak codes
  • Reliable, accurate, precise

Premier Hb9210 Resolution offers the following three analysis modes:

  • Quick Scan (QS): a 4.15-minute mode for rapid abnormal hemoglobin screening
  • High Resolution (HR): extended 8.2-minute mode to allow variant detection/identification
  • Reflex: Quick Scan for screening followed by confirmatory Hi-Res mode

An extensive library of variants contains reference information focused on variant hemoglobins to provide health professionals with a tool that facilitates the chromatogram review process.

A capacity of 210 samples, which can be processed in batch or continuous loading mode, plus a STAT sample position give flexibility and capacity to fit to your lab and testing requirements.

Accessible via the external high resolution color touch screen, an icon-based interface enables instant access to instrument operation, run parameters, maintenance duties etc., letting you quickly setup patient runs.

In addition to measuring HbA2 and HbF, Premier Hb9210 Resolution is capable of providing accurate results for a large number of common and rare variants.

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