Up to 86 tests/hour, first result in 8 minutes, electro-chemiluminescence technology, 10 reagent positions  

3 racks, 10 positions each.  Linear sample barcode reading. STAT available.  Automatic dilution function.  Automatic cap removing.  

Integrated barcode scanner and card reader for reagent cartridges. RFID Card with Calibration Curve 
Titanium Alloy Needle with Teflon Coating
Sample Clot Detection, Liquid Detection
Needle Collision Protection
and Needle Blocking Detection
100 Incubation Spaces
Disposable Incubation Cup
Constant 37℃ Incubation
User Friendly Interface
Touch Screen Operation
LIS Compatible
Intelligent Management for Calibration,
QC and Troubleshooting


Our Values

10 core values have influenced the progress of our group.