The new BC-5800 Auto Haematology Analyser provides additional values for medium-sized labs. Responding to increased demands for high quality read-outs and accurate diagnostic decisions, BC-5800 provides a reliable chemical dye method, complete 5-part differential menu and re-exam rule customisation. With the high test speed of 90 tests per hour and touch screen operation, BC-5800 serves as one-stop workstation and streamline routine workflow in a hematology lab.



  • 29 parameters, 2 scattergrams + 2 histograms;
  • Laser scatter, flow cytometry and chemical dye methods;
  • 50-tube autoloader with random access;
  • Up to 90 samples per hour;
  • 120ul sample volume for CBC+DIFF test;
  • 2 counting modes: whole blood and prediluted;
  • 10.4’ color touch screen operation;
  • 40,000 results storage;
  • Ability to flag abnormal cells based on customizable decision rules;
  • Multiple QC programs;
  • Standard DMS software;
  • 0 daily maintenance;
  • Bi-directional LIS connection.


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