Milestone was founded in 1988 as a company specializing in advanced microwave instrumentation for analytical and organic chemistry labs.


In 1994, Milestone established a separate Medical division, to transfer their expertise in laboratory grade microwaves to the world of histopathology. They are the first company to design and build a microwave tissue processor specifically for use in the histology lab, and subsequently created the first fully automated, high-throughput microwave processor.
Today, their microwave histoprocessors are used every day in hundreds of medical laboratories around the world, making them the most widely used microwave processors in the field.


Technology Leadership

Milestone’s pioneering work in vacuum histoprocessing resulted in 1998 in a European Patent EP 822 403 and US Patent 6042.874. Milestone’s process is described in the article “Ultra-Rapid Microwave/Variable Pressure-Induced Histoprocessing: Description of a New Tissue ProcessorJournal of Histotechnology, Vol. 21, No. 3, Sept. 1998 by F. Visinoni et al.

  • URM - First microwave rapid histoprocessor. EP0822403, US6042874
  • Pathos - Automatic microwave histoprocessor. EP1605243,US7075045
  • FineFIX - Fixative for molecular biology studies. EU1455174
  • TissueSAFE - Process for preserving tissues. EP2070410B1
  • CheckLITE - Measuring the thickness of organic samples.US20080318265A1


Our Values

10 core values have influenced the progress of our group.