D-Sight for FISH 8 (ref: 48283)

Product description

D-Sight for Fish 8 is a slide scanner for fluorescence slides allowing fast, flexible and reliable navigation, acquisition, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images.

This scanner can acquire images with low-emission fluorochromes thanks to the integrated highly sensitive monochrome camera. The highly sensitive monochrome camera can quickly acquire a composition of several focal planes per channel for each field, allowing reconstruction of the highest quality colour FISH image. Each channel can be managed independently, turning channels on and off, using a pseudocolour representation and viewing the focus change for each field in z-stack through the virtual microscope.

D-Sight for Fish 8 performs each process in a single working environment, guaranteeing optimized workflows tailored to suit the pathologist’s needs.

Its automatic revolving system offers a choice of 7 different objectives for a wide range of selectable magnifications.

The digital microscope allows real-time slide browsing and workflow control from remote workstations.

D-Sight for Fish 8 is a valuable support tool for diagnosis and targeted therapy thanks to its dedicated analysis modules: Her-2 FISH, ALK FISH and translocations, FISH spot counting, etc.
A sophisticated algorithm and image processing system provides very accurate detection of nuclei and spots for the classification and scoring of digital slides. All detected nuclei can be reviewed in a classification gallery.

With its dedicated Web application, D-Sight for Fish 8 assures remote unlimited access to acquired images and password-protected access to individual files and working environments.

D-Sight for Fish 8 is also equipped with a dedicated joystick – ENJOY – designed for both right and left hand use and allowing to navigate and manage images in the same way as a traditional microscope.

Hardware specifications

2x, 20x, 60x Oil immersion

Scanning speed
Few minutes for several hundred cells in FISH analysis at 60x Oil immersion

8 slides

Software specifications

  • Complete database management
  • Automated host interface
  • Automated scanning procedure
  • Digital microscope (slide viewing in live mode)
  • Remote digital microscope
  • Z-stack acquisition for FISH analysis
  • Web interface for remote reviewing and sharing of digitised slides e.g., telepathology services, second opinions, online meetings (optional)
  • Her-2 FISH, ALK FISH and translocation modules, Fish Spot Counting (optional)


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