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The system includes the automatic classification of positive/negative results for Zenit ANA HEp-2

tests and the identification of a number of cellular patterns even in mixed cases. The software measures the intensity of fluorescence for each positive test and provides a pattern suggestion based on a wide database of reference images used to train a state of the art classifier.

Additional recognition software modules

Zenit ANA HEp-2 pattern recognition

Homogeneous, Fine speckled, Coarse speckled, Nucleola, Centromere,Few nucleolar dots, Multiple nuclear dots, Ribosomal-like, Mitochondrial-like, Mitoses recognition on identified pattern

Smart ANCA analysis software

ANCA positive/negative classification and pattern recognition (c-ANCA, p-ANCA, Other ANCA)

Smart nDNA analysis software

nDNA positive/negative classification

Smart EMA analysis software

EMA positive/negative classification


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