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RapidCalc is a sophisticated bolus insulin dose calculator for diabetics following a basal-bolus regimen. With intelligent tracking of insulin on board, automatic carbohydrate ratio and blood glucose target selection,RapidCalc dramatically simplifies blood glucose management. Complete with detailed history, charting andstatistics features, RapidCalc is designed to be easy to use and easy to live with.

Rapid Calc - Menarini Diagnostics International

Rapid Calc - Menarini Diagnostics International

Rapid Calc - Menarini Diagnositcs International

Rapid Calc - Menarini Diagnostics International

Rapid Calc - Menarini Diagnostics International


  • Intelligent tracking of Insulin On Board
  • Suggested insulin dose based on blood glucose, carbs and insulin on-board
  • Automatic target pre-meal blood glucose level selection
  • Automatic correction factor and carb ratio selection
  • Unique slide-and-tap input for quick data entry
  • Basal dose recording with with presets and reminders
  • Dose adjustment for exercise intensity and duration
  • Clear, interactive controls with instant dose feedback
  • Charting of blood glucose readings and trend data
  • Summary statistics for doses, glucose and carbohydrates
  • Estimated HbA1c based on average readings
  • 90-day rolling history
  • Backup/Export history data and settings via email
  • Integrated safety warnings and guidance
  • Choice of mmol/L or mg/dL blood glucose units
  • Enter Carbs in grams or portions of 10, 12 or 15g
  • Choice of % or mmol/mol HbA1c units
  • Customised carb ratios and correction factors
  • Customised target, warning and ideal glucose levels
  • Password protected settings for pediatric use
  • No Wifi or 3G connection needed
  • Built-in help

RapidCalc is proudly supported by Menarini in Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK and Ireland.

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