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GlucoLog Lite is a free Diabetes Diary application for your smartphone and tablet, available for Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices. Now you can manage diabetes on-the-move, storing your blood glucose and ß-ketone results and analyzing trends and variations. All the information can be sent directly to your healthcare professional by email via your mobile device.




Glucose and ß-ketone values can be stored and sorted by time and date. 
Correct monitoring and therapeutic control of people with diabetes has to take into account levels of ß-hydroxybutyrate (ß-OHB) - the major ketone body accumulated in blood, as well as hyperglycaemia. DKA can occur in patients with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) as the initial event of the pathology, or at any time after diagnosis, as the result of insulin deficiency. All the data are automatically organized in a chart with statistical analysis.

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Glycemia Results

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Glycemia Diary



All the results and trends can be organized and displayed in graphic format where any out-of-range results (hyper or hypoglycaemia) are shown in different colors.

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Glycemia Graphic

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Glycemia statistics

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Ketones Results



For each result the user can enter comments concerning sports, medication or diet.



 The software can be customized to any user needs thanks to a simple setup utility. Users can also set the glycaemic acceptability range according to their personal glycaemic profile.



The user can send the results and the associated information directly to his/her healthcare professional by e-mail.

Menarini Diagnostics GlucoLog Lite - Ketones Results


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