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Glucoject Dual S

glucoject dual s


Glucoject Lancets are compatible with most lancing devices.
Glucoject Dual S can only be used with Glucoject Lancets.


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Making blood sampling much less of a pain!




Securject Pro Featuring unique Comfort Zone Technology, Glucoject Dual S uses eight raised points to apply pressure on nerve fibres in the finger and send a message of comfort to the brain whilst masking the message of pain.

Damage or injury to the skin causes receptors to generate pain signals that are transmitted to the brain via the spinal cord.
Comfort Zone Technology targets the sensation and perception of pain, providing greater comfort when taking a blood sample. This unique feature is based on the ‘gate theory’ by Melzack & Wall.

When pressed against the skin, the eight raised points stimulate sensory nerve endings that are responsible for contact, touch and pressure in the fingertip. This pressure targets the comfort receptors that send a powerful message that a non-painful action is taking place on the skin.

Melzack and Wall proposed this to be the ‘gate theory’ of pain, whereby, painful stimuli can be masked by counter introduction of non-painful stimuli. The activation of the larger nerve fibres by Comfort Zone Technology counters the sensation experienced by the small nerve fibres as the needle enters the skin.

Once the pressure is applied by comfort zone technology, the nerves in the skins focus on the eight raised points and continually send a message of comfort to the brain. This allows the lancet needle to penetrate the skin and the pain sensation to be shut out, allowing for a comfortable and virtually pain free blood sample.